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Friday 19 Apr 2019
Research & Development PDF Print


K&C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd Research and development arm includes such things as

  • Machinery
  • Food processing technology
  • Fishing technology
  • Aquaculture technology
  • Global Marketing
  • Eduction


Fish capture methods

K&C Fisheries K&C Fisheries


Food processing programs for Export

Machinery for processing Carp for Export

K&C Fisheries


Aquaculture breeding for IACrc research

K&C Fisheries
K&C Fisheries


New EU standard food processing programs for Export


Developing a new company in the USA


With our vast knowledge of Carp and their habits, K & C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd were invited to be a partner in the new Invasive Animal CRC in 2004 and to work along side members of the CRC research teams in understanding

the life cycle of Carp and the best ways to control or kill off these noxis fish.

As Carp are a noxis fish in Australia, New Zealand and America the IACrc has partners in each of these countries for collaborative research so as to come up with methods and technologies to be able to eradicate them or at least lower their biomass.

The Invasive Animal CRC heads the program for research into Carp.

The programs has 4 main research components,

  1. Daughterless carp, Australia and America
  2. Koi Herpes Virus
  3. Pheromone attractants. USA and Australia
  4. Large scale trapping

Private Companies

K & C Fisheries Global Pty Ltd. Large and small scale trapping

Net design, marketing of products derived from Carp

Aquaculture techniques for spawning Carp all year round instead of seasonal

Repellents for driving Carp into areas where they can be harvested easier

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