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Friday 19 Apr 2019
Recipe - Sushi Rolls PDF Print

The following recipie will contain no bones if the Carp is filleted correctly.

Sushi Rolls


Carp Rib Fillets
100 grams per person
Carrot 1 Carrot
Celery 1 stick of celery
Asparagus 1 stick per roll
Sticky Rice
1 cup
Seaweed Paper
1 sheet per 3 rolls


  1. Cook and cool sticky Rice as per packet instructions.
  2. Cut carrot and celery into thin strips.
  3. Place seaweed paper onto a board and then spread a layer of rice onto first halve of the paper. At the end that you are going to start the roll, place some asparagus, carrot and celery sticks.
  4. Carefully roll the paper from the end with the ingredients and then cut into 3 pieces, Keep chilled and enjoy.

Sushi Rolls

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